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What a glorious time we had in the Lord on Sunday for WinGS Outreach and Worship's first Family and Friends Day. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who came to worship with us.... realizing it was a sacrifice for you to leave your normal church worship service to be with us. 

Worship certainly led us into the presence of God. Then, we heard the word of God from our Pastor, Dianne T. Suggs, as she asked us the question, "Are you like a LED light bulb.... a long lasting, ever ready and durable Christian?" Last but not least, we shared a delicious meal and had time to fellowship with our visitors (many of whom are ongoing supporters of WinGS). May God continue to bless you, until we meet again!

Pastor Dianne Suggs & 

Wings Outreach & Worship Family 

Thank you

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